Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Alfredito Linares - Chocolate (LP)

Alfredo "Sabor" Linares. Born in Lima, Peru. Recorded some of the best afro latin jazz and dance music ever, on the MAG label, in the late 60s. Two solo LPs and piano and arrangements work on both Coco Lagos descargas and el Combo de Pepe ( brilliantly re-released on Lazarus). That would have been enough. Moves to Cali in the early 70s and has second musical life, by this time it's called salsa, and he kills it. This is "Chocolate" from the Salsa y Sabor LP (ca. 1974). (B) Listen

Ray Perez - El Trigueño Cintura (LP)

This song is from 1968's Primer Aniversario LP on Velvet. There is a re-press on Ray's pyraphon label, but it is still hard to find. That was ray singing on "Pa'l 23", this one features Perucho Torcat, one of the great voices in classic salsa. Ray's piano style is delicious. He worked at the Remington adding machine company in the late '50s, where he used to set different adding machines doing different calculations to make polyrhythms he could sing over. (B) Listen

Ray Perez - Pa'l 23 (LP)

Ramon Perez. "El Loco Ray". Caracas, Venezuela. Pianist, arranger and songwriter for los Dementes, los Kenya and los Calvos. From the "Mejor de Ray Perez" bootleg on Ghetto records (ca. 1969). El 23 is a salsa-crazy, revolutionary stronghold on Caracas' east side. Huge block apartments that have been blasting tumbaos for forty years now. "hey mama, where are you going this Sunday? If you want, I'm inviting you to shake a foot (echar un pie) at the 23" (B) Listen

Lucho Bermudez (Photo)

I recently found this photo of Lucho Bermudez's band on the back of the Tolu LP sleeve, gives you a nice view of the band & studio. I dig the drummer's braces! (Q)

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Clodomiro Montes - El Poderoso (45)

I've been trying to lay my hands on all things Curro, this guy astounds me. So many productions and such a long career and still quite a mystery surrounding him. Having started with more of a Costeno output he later moved into Pachangas & Salsa Dura. This 45 is taken from a one of his best LPs with Clodomiro Montes. (Q) Listen

Mulatu Astatke - Guangaunco Los Elefantes (45)

Not a Colombian artist per se, but worthy of a mention none the less. This is a Colombian bootleg or 'Morgan' (as they say here, after the rum 'Captain Morgan') of Mulatu Astatke's 'I Faram', in this case issued under the name 'Guaguanco Los Elefantes' and at a slightly faster pace. It's quite amazing to think that Mulatu's music reached out as far as Colombia. (Q) Listen

Rufo Garrido - Caravela (45)

This is one of the early Curro recordings from Barranquilla/Cartagena. Sounds like it was recorded in same studio as the Pedro laza material, wouldn't be suprised if Climaco Sarmento had a hand in it. This is a heavy Costeno Carnival getdown & a sign of the sheer quality to come from Rufo Garrido. (Q) Listen